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  • The AiM CAN LCU-One is the ideal engine tuning tool. Know exactly where the engine is going too rich or too lean on the track, and prevent mechanical failure
  • AiM LCU-One  available in CAN, analog, and CAN+analog-output versions
  • The Kit includes the bung and the Bosch wideband LSU 4.9 AFR/Lambda sensor

AiM LCU-One AFR/Lambda Sensor Kit


Product Description


With the LCU-One, you can monitor your Lambda and Air-to-Fuel (AFR) values in real-time and record the data for later review. Want to know why the car was not being as responsive in the Balcony at Willow Springs? Look over your's there.

The AiM LCU-One Lambda Controller allows you to perfectly tune your engine for the track, weather that day, driving style, and whatever! 

The LCU-One Lambda Controller uses a wideband Bosch LSU 4.9 probe for its precision and capacity of saving and maintaining the original calibration. The Bosch LSU 4.9 probe, in fact, has been designed to last for more than 100,000 miles on a production car.


By using advanced CAN technology, wiring is simplified...just run 12V power to the Lambda probe and a single connection back to the AiM data logger's CAN bus...that's it! By reducing the wiring and number of connections, you are reducing possible and unnecessary points of failure. The LCU-One is IP67 water and dust rated.

The LCU-One can detect a Lambda value from 0.65 to 1.60 (wideband), offering you an extremely precise tuning tool. 
Through analysis of the remaining oxygen, the LCU-One points out possible oxygen excess/lacking in the burn, providing essential information for tuning. Configurability of the Stoichiometric AFR ratio allows the LCU-One to be used with different fuel types.

The LCU-One is available in three different versions to fit your needs and application...CAN...Analog....and CAN with an Analog (0-5V) output.

Here is a sample of an X/Y Plot in RaceStudio Analysis reviewing Lambda data from a car...


You can access a user manual for the AiM LCU-One HERE.

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