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  • The AiM ECU Bridge for the SmartyCam HD and SmartyCam GP HD
  • The AiM RPM Bridge for the SmartyCam HD and SmartyCam GP HD. It sends along RPM data from your coil
  • The AiM ECU Bridge for the SmartyCam HD and SmartyCam GP HD
  • The AiM ECU Bridge for the SmartyCam HD and SmartyCam GP HD
  • The ECU Bridge, which sends ECU data along from your car's ECU to the SmartyCam. Available in CAN/RS232 and CAN/OBDII/ISO 9141-2 versions
  • ECU/RPM Bridge dimensions

AiM SMC Bridge


Product Description

ECU and RPM Bridge (SMC Bridge)

The ECU Bridge and the RPM Bridge...send data from your car to the SmartyCam HD to be reviewed in the video. These systems are needed whenever you want to peer into your driver's line, track-action, or engine data to be visualized in the video.

The ECU Bridge is to be used in cases where the Engine Control Unit (ECU) transmits data in the following formats: OBDII/ISO 9141-2/K-Line, CAN, or RS232/Serial. 

AiM Sports has developed hundreds of different ECU protocols, to make compatibility with virtually all ECUs either O.E.M. or aftermarket versions. 


The ECU Bridge does require RaceStudio 2 configuration to communicate with the various ECUs.

The ECU Bridge is available in two variations: CAN/OBDII/ISO 9141-2/K-Line—great for O.E.M. street cars (1996 and later), CAN/Serial/RS232—perfect for purpose-built race cars with aftermarket ECUs.

Note: They are compatible with the GT Steering Wheel

Compatible O.E.M. ECUs

Compatible Aftermarket ECUs



The RPM Bridge is designed to be used whenever your car doesn’t have an ECU—perhaps it’s a little older. In this case, the RPM data is sent from the Bridge by connecting it to the coil or reading a square-wave signal signal from the ignition system.


Technical Specifications

ECU Bridge

Configurable ECU interface

CAN protocol for external modules

USB port for PC communication

CAN protocol for external modules 

External power, 8-18V

RPM Bridge

Coil signal, 150-400V

Square-wave signal, 4-50V

USB port for PC communication

External power, 8-18V



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