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  • HARD Motorsport 'H' Livery Decal Kit

    HARD Motorsport 'H' Livery Decal Kit

    Demand for our official HARD Motorsport Corner Livery Decal kit has finally convinced us to make it available to everybody. You may have seen our HARD Motorsport team cars sporting this very striking ensemble of various 'H' logos. They add a subtle yet...

  • Sparco tow strap

    Sparco Tow Strap

    The Sparco tow strap is a lightweight fabric alternative to the traditional steel tow hooks. The Sparco tow strap is rated for 6,600lbs max load. Tow strap features a light weight fabric construction in high visibility red. FIA Certified...

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  • Sparco Trunk Latch (01608) Sparco Trunk Latch (01608)

    Sparco Trunk Latch

    Sparco Trunk Latches are a great way to secure your light weight trunk for BMW racing applications. Sparco Trunk Latches have a quick release spring to releases your trunk quick during fuel stops during endurance racing. Trunk latch is easily...

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  • Sparco Hood Pins

    Sparco Hood Pins

    Pair of steel pin hooks with guided plug and click locking. Are very robust and reliable, and include hardware necessary for correct installation. Available in silver, red, and blue    

  • AeroCatch Plus Flush Hood Fastners

    AeroCatch Plus Flush Hood Fasteners

    In a competition setting, securing a vehicles hood is absolutely critical. Failure to secure a vehicles hood can cause catastrophic problems as it would eliminate all driver visibility. Factory hood locking mechanisms simply are not made to withstand...