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Absolutely Phenomenal!! 

Product: CAE Ultra Shifter

Hands down my favorite part I've ever bought for any of my cars. I'm very picky about having a solid feeling shifter and this more than exceeds my expectations. I've never driven any other car with a shifter that feels this good. The knob is higher and closer to the steering wheel so you spend very little time with your hand off the wheel. Throws are pretty short, but very precise. There's no vagueness and you always know what gear you're in. Don't waste your time with a short shifter, this is the be all-end all of shifters! 

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    CAE Hydraulic handbrake Fly-Off

    Hydraulic Handbrake (standing) for rally use in CAE design: The hand brake lever is manufactured in a modular construction and can be varied in length from approx. 300 mm to 550 mm. The lever is pre-stressed with an "anti-rattling spring"...

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  • Alcantera Knobs for CAE Ultra Shifter Alcantera Knobs for CAE Ultra Shifter

    Alcantera Knobs for CAE Ultra Shifter

    Alcantara Wrapped Shifter Knobs w/ Contrast X-Stitch   Add a bit of sophistication and classic race styling with CAE's hand stitched, Alcantera wrapped shift knob.  These knobs feel fantastic and the red or blue contransting X-Stitching will...

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